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King Kebab is known for its generous portions, reasonable prices, friendly service, collection and delivery. Whether you decide on collection or delivery, King Kebab offers fast and dependable service as well as delicious food. King Kebab has a wide range of Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Kebab, Pizza that can accommodate you. Order a takeaway online in just a few minutes and have your food delivered straight to your door.

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Northampton, NN14DR

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  • slkxkmxm


  • Food is always great! Nice pizza with the Mrs of a kebab for my hangovers, they are always warm and BIG too. Sometimes slow but I would be happy to substitute speed cos mmm


  • very good!


  • late. it took over an hour for the food to arrive. Absolutely ridiculous.


  • food was great no complaints about that at all the only thing I can complain about was the driver that delivered the food because he rang me when he was stood outside my block of flats he rang me and asked how to use the buzzer I explained then he put the phone down on me I sat there for 10 mins waiting for my buzzer to ring but it never then he rang me again so I said don't worry I will come down he said OK I put the phone down headed down stairs got outside and he was about to drive off I stopped he asked were he was going and he said I didn't think you was coming down even though I told him a few minutes before I was on my way down.


  • for 1 kebab it took two hours to deliver when arrived the delivery was Stone cold and told me that they don't have the rest of my order as they didnt have why i wanted. i am very unhappy with this piss poor service .


  • 30 min late


  • Will order again


  • drivers delivering behave strangely and create doubt about food one would not try order again.


  • Chicken spot on kebab looked like it had a bottle of oil poured on it


  • absolutely awful and order was wrong. waste of money


  • Over an hour later than estimated delivery time. Called up to find out what was happening and greeted by a rude man who gave me no information just attitude


  • Look my food wasn't bad I pizza wasn't to bad it was what I expected for my money but when I opened my box of chicken and started digging in thinking it was good like my night was nearly complete until I realised the missed a bit of chicken 1 piece was missing I mean why would I pay and they haven't even got the time to count the chicken I thought my order would of been okay considering I waited an hour for the food after I got told up to 45 minutes so I'm not happy about this


  • Delicious


  • Delivery time was excellent. Came within 25 minutes of ordering it. Food was delicious, can tell it was freshly cooked. Definitely worth the money. Gave delivery instructions and the delivery drivers was very prompt and followed them all correctly. Defo order again from them :-)